What is possible when computers perform some of the same operations as a human brain – at speeds that exceed human capability by orders of magnitude? At Natural Intelligence, we’re inventing this future. Since the 1940s, computer science has operated within the constraints of the von Neumann machine architecture, limiting how computational scientists could develop solutions for today’s problems in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, bioinformatics, financial services and more. The introduction of the Natural Neural Processor (NNP) by Natural Intelligence Semiconductor allows computational approaches that are not limited by the von Neumann architecture but are more aligned with natural human intelligence.

The NNP is achieving tremendous improvements in speed and power — unconstrained by the difficulties that bind conventional von Neumann architectures (parallelism, non-determinism, and the instruction fetch-execute-store processing cycle known as the “memory wall”). This journey began in late 2006 with the Automata Processor at Micron Technology. It continues now, with renewed focus, at Natural Intelligence Semiconductor. Our purpose is to take a giant leap ahead of current CPU/GPU architectures and begin a new age of computing—not by modeling the brain—by creating a brain-inspired processing architecture.

Welcome to the new age of computing. Welcome to Natural Intelligence.