Machine Learning Applications

Computer scientists have defined Artificial Intelligence in many ways. At its core, Artificial Intelligence involves machines that think the way humans think and can mimic “cognitive” functions we associate with human behavior. Over time machines have become increasingly capable, resulting in achievements in understanding human speech, successes in world-class competition in strategic games and advances in self-driving cars.

At Natural Intelligence, we believe a more compelling vision for Artificial Intelligence is to create machines that exceed the boundaries of what humans can do. The Natural Neural Processor (NNP) is a new, unique processor that makes decisions and performs comparisons at speeds that are orders of magnitude faster than conventional CPUs and GPUs. Through massively parallel and unstructured data processing, the NNP will enable machine intelligence and neuromorphic-inspired computation to become more closely aligned with nature and exhibit “natural intelligence”, or “NI”.

Natural Intelligence Applications

What is Natural Intelligence? We believe that Natural Intelligence is not truly achievable by antiquated von Neumann computers performing traditional fetch-decode-execute-store processing faster. Nor can Natural Intelligence be achieved by creating a high-fidelity model of the human brain, akin to early attempts at flight using flapping wings. Instead, we envision a simple and elegant solution based on NNP processors—each with a network of reconfigurable, interconnected states—accepting inputs, discovering patterns, making decisions and taking actions. The NNP is an architecture analogous to the neocortex of the human brain — a dynamic network of neurons that integrates diverse sensory input and makes complex decisions that are the foundation of perception, behavior and movement.